Photography by Anna Szolucha

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This project investigates the possibilities of more democratic futures and their interrelationship with transitions of energy systems.



One of the main objectives of this research is to investigate the forms of politicisation and imaginaries of egalitarianism in Polish and British communities. I would also like to help draw up research-led strategies for local and systemic social innovation in the field of democratic self-organisation of energy initiatives.

Historically, energy transitions

are not simply exercises in swapping fuels and changing technologies, but disruptive events with the potential to remake societies in fundamental ways
— Martin Melosi, Energy transitions in historical perspective. In Nader, L. (ed.) 2010: 45–60

It is true that renewable energy may not automatically bring about social justice but my aim is to use ethnographic and participatory research to show that making energy democratic requires immense organisational effort of those involved in the process and it often needs to overcome many structural barriers.